Why You Need Metal Roofing For Your Office Building

Metal Roofing - Perfect Roofing Solution For Commercial Use

Why You Need Metal Roofing For Your Office Building Hingham massachusetts 7 May

Metal roofing is the preferred choice for many commercial building owners thanks to its durability and stamina. Perhaps you’ve been considering a metal roof but have heard that they can look industrial or can be loud. Well, we are here to dispel those myths. Here are a few reasons why you need a commercial metal roof in Massachusetts.

1. Metal Roofs Are Weather Resistant

Metal resists severe weather conditions, from wind and rain to snow and sleet. It doesn’t allow water to penetrate, unlike asphalt or wood that can be very vulnerable to moisture infiltration. Also, most metal roofs have a 140-mph wind rating, and some can withstand wind gusts of up to 180-mph.

2. Metal Roofs Are Eco-Friendly

Metal roofs can easily last for many decades, so it’s highly likely you will never have to replace your roof while you own your business. Thanks to this long life span, metal is considered more environmentally friendly than other materials such as asphalt shingles that must be replaced every 20 years and thrown in the landfill.

3. Metal Roofs Are Energy Efficient

Metal roofs feature a special type of paint that allows it to last 25+ years. It reflects the sun’s rays, making the interior cooler, which is great for your customers, products and staff – especially in summer. Due to the higher level of consistent comfort in the interior, metal roofs are considered to be highly energy efficient.

4. Metal Roofs Are Fire Resistant

Wood and asphalt shingles can easily catch fire, but metal roofing is pretty much fire-proof. Depending on what your business sells or produces, this translates to peace of mind to the average business owner. That being said, not even metal roofs are 100 percent fireproof. It could experience damage, but that would depend on how long and hot the fire burns.

5. Metal Roofs Are More Affordable in the Long Run

Because metal is one of the longest lasting roofing materials out there, you don’t have to shell out money every 20 years to replace your roof. Yes, metal roofing systems will cost you more initially (they’re more expensive than asphalt), but because it will last you 50 years or more, it ends up being more cost effective over the long-term. This is good news for business owners who need to keep their bottom line in check. Most manufacturers offer 50-year warranties for their metal roofs, but some roofs have been known to last 75 or more years with proper maintenance.

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