Rubber Roofing: A Cost-Effective Roofing Solution

Why Ruuber Roofs In Massachusetts

Rubber Roofing: A Cost-Effective Roofing Solution Massachusetts 1 June

Rubber roofing, also known as EPDM roofing, comes with many benefits – not the least of which is that it’s a very cost-effective option. Installation involves laying a single sheet of EPDM rubber down, customized to the shape and size of your roof. Roofers in Brockton will then secure the membrane with a strong bonding adhesive that’s easy to use, durable and has the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Rubber roofs also have a long lifespan, which contributes to their cost-effectiveness. Whereas asphalt can only last between 15 and 20 years before the need for replacement, rubber roofs can last for many decades when well-maintained. EPDM also requires little maintenance, which makes it easier on you as the homeowner.

The biggest benefit of rubber roofing is the lower purchase price, as well as the lower installation and labor costs as compared with other roofing options. Rubber roofing is lightweight and easy to install, which in turn lowers labor and installation costs. Here are the many benefits of rubber roofing:

Long Lifespan

Rubber roofs are typically laid in single, long, wide sheets depending on the kind of roof deck you have. This results in fewer seams, thereby lowering the risk of future water leaks. Rubber roofs are also UV resistant, plus they can withstand high winds and hail up to three inches thick. When your rubber roof is installed properly by a qualified roofer, it can last upwards of 30 years.

Low Maintenance

A rubber roof requires minimal maintenance but if you do experience a leak or the need for any other type of repair, those repairs are cheap and easy to fix. Sometimes just liquid rubber or a repair tape can remedy the situation. In terms of maintenance, the most you can be expected to do is repaint it every 10 years with acrylic paint.

Energy Efficiency

Rubber roofs regulate your home’s heating and cooling by trapping in heat or reflecting the rays of the sun. The rubber material insulates your house through the reduction of heat loss. If you have a light-colored rubber roof, this will serve to reflect the sun’s heat and keep the home cool overall in the summer. The less you have to use your air conditioning system, the more money you save.

Fire Resistance

Rubber roofs can resist fire. Your insurance company may even give you a discount on coverage if you have a rubber roof installed.

Environmentally Friendly

EPDM roofs come from recyclable materials, which means they are a very eco-friendly roofing option. Plus, at the end of their life, they are 100 percent recyclable. Rubber roofs are great for flat or slightly-pitched roofs, too.

So, if you are on the hunt for a new roofing material, why not consider rubber or EPDM membranes? They’re cost effective solutions and can bring long-lasting protection to your home.

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