Do You Have to Remove Gutters to Install a New Roof?

Do You Have to Remove Gutters to Install a New Roof?

Do You Have to Remove Gutters to Install a New Roof? massachusetts 01 June

While it’s not absolutely necessary, it’s a wise idea to remove your gutters when installing a new roofing If you don’t already have gutters, then a roof replacement is a great time to install some. Gutters and downspouts serve an important purpose, as they control the amount of water run-off from your roof, directing it safely off the roof and away from the home.

Without gutters, water will run off your roof in sheets, damaging landscaping below. It will also pool at your foundation and result in foundation and erosion problems. Essentially, they are the first line of defense against snow melt and rain, helping to keep moisture and debris away from the exterior of your home.

Reasons Why You Should Remove Gutters

If you are putting a new layer of asphalt over an existing layer, it’s smart to remove the gutters to ensure that the existing roof and seals don’t need replacement or repair at the edges. Critters tend to hide in those spots over the winter when seeking warmth and cause damage. Frost heaves also cause damage and warping to the roofing deck or soffit-fascia area.

If you fail to remove the gutters, you may not notice problems until it’s too late. Also, when you take off the gutters, your contractors will be able to ensure that the roof’s edges are sealed correctly and installed properly.

Now, in the case of a total complete tear off and replacement, gutter system removal is essential and can’t be avoided. In addition to ensuring proper roof installation, this allows the homeowner to put in a completely new gutter system, one that will work much better and look newer.

Your roofers in Hanson may have to adjust your gutter system when re-attaching or installing depending on the pitch of the roof and the gutter material.

Taking the gutter system off during replacement also gives your roofers a chance to inspect the state of the gutters, make any repairs or clean them out, and then suggest replacement if the damage is too great. No sense in re-attaching a gutter system that is old, is rusted or buckling, has cracks, or doesn’t function properly.

If your gutters are in good condition, they don’t have to be replaced. But if they’re nearing the end of their lifespan or have been damaged by weather or pests, replacement may be the best option.

Finally, gutter removal during a roofing project is a good idea because it ensures the roof, gutter system and the top story of your home will all work together in harmony.

Whether you’re facing a simple roof replacement with small repairs or a complete overhaul of the roof system, always pay attention to the gutter system to ensure a successful project from start to finish.

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