Why Are Metal Buildings Green?

Metal Roof: Environmentaly Friendly Roofing System

Why Are Metal Buildings Green? Massachusetts 15 Dec

Metal roofs and buildings are considered sustainable due to their longevity, reduced material consumption and lowered energy usage. On top of protecting the environment, metal roofs also save money with reduced energy bills and help businesses gain recognition with certification programs such as LEED.

Metal roofs and buildings are “green” right from the get-go, from fabrication through end of lifespan. Check out these features of metal buildings that make them green:


The main advantage to metal buildings is the extreme durability of all components, including metal siding, framing and roofing. Compared with traditional building materials such as wood or shingles, steel resists weather, insect and fire damage. Thanks to this longevity, no additional resources must be consumed for repair or replacement.

Reduced Impact On Site

Because most metal buildings are fabricated off site, you don’t get the same level of disruption at the building site. They can be constructed in a quicker time frame, leading to less waste.

Decreased Temperatures

Buildings with cool metal roofing panels reduce what is known as the heat-island effect. This is the increase in temperature (by as much as seven degrees) that happens when dark and heat-absorbing roofing materials are in place. All that extra heat can damage plants, trees and humans, especially in urban areas. Cool metal roofs reflect heat rather than absorb it, with less heat transference to the surrounding environment. This leads to better water retention by plants, higher comfort levels in people, and decreased energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions.

Better Energy Efficiency

Metal buildings also offer improved energy efficiency, especially when you couple that with an insulated metal roof, wall panels and high-performing windows and doors. These all work in harmony to provide an effective thermal and vapor barrier.

You can also place solar panels on your metal roofing panels. In the case of standing seam metal roofing, for instance, you can clip them to the roof panel so you don’t penetrate the substrate. With solar panels in place, you can further reduce the carbon footprint of your building while lowering electricity costs.

Recyclable Materials

Metal or steel roofing has a very high recycle rate. In fact, it is 100% recyclable at the end your building’s lifespan. And due to the fact that metal buildings are often assembled offsite, the amount of waste on site and during manufacturing is lessened. If there are any scrap materials left over after fabrication, they can be recycled and reused.

Indoor Performance

The interior performance of a building offers excellent protection for the people and items contained in that building. Again, due to the off-site fabrication, there are fewer volatile organic compounds that can be released into the building.

Lastly, metal buildings are flexible and allow the addition of many windows, doors and skylights which encourage more natural light – another factor that reduces the need for heating and cooling.

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