Who Chooses the Roof Color: Roofer or Homeowner?

Choosing the right color for your roof

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When considering a new roof, one of your first questions may be: do I choose the roof color or does the roofer do that? The answer is, the choice lies with you but your trusted roofer in Plymouth can offer guidance and advice. They have seen a lot of roofs over the years and have a wealth of knowledge about what type is best and what colors work best.

While your roofer is the expert in properly installing the best roof for your needs, you will have the last say about what color it will be. Relying solely on your roofer to determine your product style and color selection may only lead to a decision you could regret later. It should be a collaborative effort between both parties.

Your roofing contractor likely has a lot of experience installing the most popular colors, and therefore may lean toward “safe” neutral colors for you. But you don’t have to do what everyone else is doing. The color you choose should match your house and personality. Being confident in your choice will ensure you are satisfied with the decision for many years to come.

Tips For Choosing Color

  • Be observant: Browse sites online and look at magazines to come up with a mood board, which is a collection of ideas you put on a poster. Take some time to let them ruminate, then remove the ones you definitely don’t like.
  • Drive around your neighborhood: What kinds of roofs do you see, in what color combinations? You can quickly rule in or out the styles and colors you like and don’t like. If you know the homeowner, ask why they chose the color they did and if they are happy about it. Focus on homes that are your same style and color.
  • Call your Avon roofer to tell them what shingle styles and colors you prefer. This way, they can bring the proper sample boards for you to look at and feel when they visit your home for the consultation.
  • Ask your contractor for a list of addresses of recent roofing work they have done so you can drive by and assess the colors in their natural element.
  • Use online visualization tools where you can upload a picture of your house or pick a template and then add various colors to see what they would look like.

In the end, your Sharon roofer is an important factor in choosing your new roof style and color, but you have the final authority. Do your research and have fun! Preparation is key, and it will pay off in the end.

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