5 Types of Residential Metal Roofs

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5 Types of Residential Metal Roofs Hingham massachusetts 12 Aug

Metal roofs are the ideal way to not only enhance your home’s exterior but provide the structure with a durable, long-lasting roofing solution. Your home is likely the biggest investment you will ever make. Protect it with a metal roof, which in many instances can last up to 50, 75 years or more.

But even if you decide on a metal roof for your Marshfield home, how do you know which type to go with? Here we will go over the five main types of residential metal roofs. Your Randolph metal roof contractor can advise you further on what’s best for your unique needs.

1 Corrugated Metal Roofs

This is the type most people think of when they picture metal panel roofs. It’s also the option that’s been around the longest, characterized for its durability, pattern, and ability to conceal imperfections. The wavy panels are attached by an exposed fastener system and they are available in different profiles and colors.

2 Standing Seam Metal Roofs

This is a more modern, seamless take on metal roofing. Standing seam metal panels are attached with a concealed fastener system, which hides the hardware from public view – a big selling point with today’s homeowners. This type of roof provides beauty for your property thanks to its smooth, clean lines.

Standing seam panels, which also come in a variety of colors, are sturdy and weather-tight roofing solutions.

3 All-Purpose Metal Roofs

This is an exposed fastener metal panel system, and it is one of the easiest options to use and install. Known for their strength, traditional appearance, and superior performance, all-purpose metal roofs are a good choice for many homeowners. They come in a variety of profiles and colors, offering the modern look of steel yet with the durability you crave in a roof.

4 Bold Box Rib Roofs

Characterized by a bold box-shaped pattern as well as an anti-siphon groove for weather-tightness, these panels are the most heavy-duty roofing solution out there. Great for all types of environments, from extreme cold to extreme heat, bold box rib roofs are sought-after for their structural integrity. With an exposed fastener system, these roofing systems lend an industrial look to residential homes.

5 Metal Shingle Roof

Designed to mimic the look of asphalt shingles, metal shingles are the ones that most closely complement a residential home setting. They’re durable, low in maintenance and aesthetically pleasing for any style home.

Each of the main types of metal roofs discussed above has its own benefits and drawbacks. Only your Boston roofer can tell you for sure which is best for your climate, home, style and budget. The two things they all have in common, though, are long lifespans and top-notch durability.

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