Is Spring a Good Time to Install a New Roof?

Early Spring Is The Time To Schedule Your Roof Project

Is Spring a Good Time to Install a New Roof? Hingham massachusetts 11 March

Yes, it is. If you’re in need of a new roof, spring is a great time to get it done, but you have to act fast. Early spring is better for new roofs than late spring, when contractors get busy and time slots get eaten up. Rates also start to creep up as the months tick toward summer. The season you choose for roof installation is important, as it can impact many aspects of the job, form cost to time.

Many factors come into play when selecting the right season for a new roof, and after taking into considerations like weather conditions, prices, and contractor availability, spring emerges as one of the best times to tackle this important home improvement project.

Of course, you can’t always wait for the ideal season. Sometimes urgent issues come up that speed up your timeline for replacement, such as storm damage, exposed light, damaged flashing, missing shingles and leaks. In those cases, you’ll need to book a roofer ASAP. But if you have time on your side, check out why spring is a great time for roof work.

Pros of Spring

The extreme temperature and weather variations of winter and summer don’t make those seasons especially conducive to roof installations. But in the spring, you still have cool weather but with each passing day, the temperatures get more and more mild. Also, there’s no humidity like you would find in summer, and no ice or snow to contend with like in winter.

These ideal conditions lessen the risk of moisture damage, for one. For another, it’s more comfortable and pleasant for roofers to work in the spring. You don’t have as many missed days due to extreme cold and ice, like in winter. And in summer, many roofers are split between projects, which means yours may linger a bit longer than normal. Roofing projects tend to be more efficient and quick in spring.

You may also enjoy better material availability in spring than summer, when supplies can get depleted and harder to find as the months go on. And one of the biggest advantages of hiring a roofer in spring, especially early spring, is that you get your pick of time slots before the schedule gets too congested and you can’t get the days you want.

Cons of Spring

Spring isn’t all sunshine and roses, though. There are some things that can make roofing projects not so great. With warmer weather, the roofing season gets busier, which prompts contractors to raise their prices. This means you may pay more for a roof in summer than you would for that same roof just a couple of months before. Spring also brings long stretches of rain and other unpredictable conditions, which could result in longer installation times.

If weather is a concern, look to book your project in May or early June, when the excessive rains have passed. But if you’re more interested in saving money and getting the job done quickly, go for April or early May. But that doesn’t mean you should wait till the last minute to do your research on roofers. Start now so you can have one in place by the time spring gets here.

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