Top Benefits of a Metal Roof in New England Massachusetts

Why Massachusetts Howmowners Choose Metal Roofs

Top Benefits of a Metal Roof in New England-massachusetts 09 Jan

As a homeowner in New England, you’re very familiar with the challenges that come with our weather – especially as it impacts your property and roof in particular. Installing a metal roof in New England isn’t all that different than installing it in Florida or anywhere else when it comes to overall benefits.

But metal roofs in New England are especially beneficial when it comes to handling the severe weather we have here, fluctuating from hot to cold depending on the season or even the day. Let’s go over all the advantages to metal roofs on the South Shore.


First and foremost, the longevity and life span of a metal roof is its greatest benefit. Instead of lasting 20 years like an asphalt roof, metal roofs can last up to 75 years and beyond with attentive maintenance. In that same time span, you could fit three to four asphalt roofs! Snow and ice tend to age asphalt roofing very quickly, which is why, here in New England, metal is the preferred choice (aluminum, zinc or copper).

Sheds Snow

Metal roofing can handle greater snowfall than asphalt roofing. With asphalt roofs and extreme snow loads, there’s always the threat of collapse. That’s because you’re adding the weight of shingles to the weight of the snow, and those shingles can be surprisingly heavy. In fact, asphalt roofs are up to five times as heavy as metal roofs!

Add to that a low slope roof and collapse is a very real possibility under all that snow buildup. A metal roof – even a flat one – doesn’t have the same challenges. Because metal is slippery, the snow slides right off and rarely accumulates to an alarming level.

Fewer Issues

Metal roofs require a lot less maintenance than other roofing materials. They won’t breed moss and algae like shingles will, and ice dams don’t affect metal roofs as much. Plus, wind and hail won’t readily damage them, and they’re not prone to fire or insect damage.

Preserves Aesthetic Styles

New England, as you know, is teeming with historic style homes, from Cape Cod-style homes to quaint coastal cottages. You understandably want a roofing material that will not only withstand Mother Nature’s demands but also preserve the classic aesthetics of your region. And with many New England houses governed by historic commissions that restrict changes to appearance, it’s more important than ever to ensure the roofing material can reflect the historic significance of your home. Even Colonial reproduction homes can be matched with metal roofing that preserves their authentic look.

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