Is a Metal and Shingle Combination Roof a Good Idea?

Combination Asphalt Shingle & Metal Roofs

Is a Metal and Shingle Combination Roof a Good Idea? Hingham massachusetts 14 Aug

In a nutshell, sure. When it’s time to get a new roof, you may assume you have to choose one material over another. Not so. You can do asphalt and standing seam metal combination roofs for a varied texture and unique aesthetic.

In the majority of cases, metal roofing is added to particular areas of your asphalt shingle roof. Those areas include bay windows, side porches, back porches, and front porches – anywhere that does not take up a bulk of your roof. You could also add metal on certain facets of your roof such as gables.

Just keep in mind that since metal is more expensive than asphalt, your final cost will be higher with more metal than less. Metal itself costs more than shingles, but the installation and labor will cost more too. Plus, installing a combination roof involves more skill on the part of the roofer. That’s why you should only hire a contractor skilled in metal and shingle combination roofs in Boston, South Shore, Plymouth, Hnaover and the lower Cape.

What to Know About Asphalt and Metal Roof Combos

Now that you know it’s possible to install a combo roof, here’s what to know about them before you make a final decision.

Metal roofing lasts longer than asphalt shingles

With varying lifespans in materials, it’s important to remember that you will have to replace asphalt shingles much sooner than you will metal. For example, architectural asphalt shingle roofs last 20 to 25 years, while standing-seam metal roofs last up to 50 years and beyond.

Adding metal will increase the cost of your roof replacement

As mentioned above, the more metal that is added to your roof, the more you will add to your final price tag. Whereas a shingle roof costs about $4.76 per square foot, a standing seam metal roof costs about $15 per square foot.

Metal roofs have different warranties than asphalt shingles

Asphalt shingles usually have a 30-year prorated warranty, with some homeowners able to qualify for a 50-year non-prorated enhanced warranty. Standing seam metal roof panels have a 30-year paint warranty that covers the protective coating.

Metal roofing adds more curb appeal

When you think of a metal roof, you likely think of the old-fashioned corrugated, wavy kind found on barns and industrial buildings. But today’s metal roofs are sleek, streamlined and beautiful, enhancing the curb appeal of any style residential home. Metal roofs also add value to your property, so if you ever go to sell your house, you could conceivably ask more money for it.

Always ask your roofing contractor in Barnstable before making a decision. They can guide you through the process.

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