Why Make the Switch to
Architectural Shingles?

Why Make the Switch to Architectural Shingles in Massachusetts

Why Make the Switch to Architectural Shingles? Roofing in massachusetts 1 Feb

If it’s come time to consider a new roof for your Hanson home, you may want to stick with asphalt shingles due to their affordability and versatility. But why not upgrade to architectural shingles? You get the same easy installation and performance yet with a more detailed and beautiful look

These are a type of premium-grade asphalt shingles that vary from standard asphalt shingles in a couple of main ways. First, they are higher in quality and thicker than standard shingles, and second, they feature a more distinctive, textured appearance and add dimension to your home.

You may have heard them referred to as dimensional or laminate shingles. They were first used on homes in the 1970s by manufacturers who wanted to offer a high-end product for their discriminating residential and commercial customers.

Comparing Regular Roof Shingles With Architectural Shingles

Standard roof shingles, AKA 3-tab shingles because of their tabs or flaps, are the ones you will see on most older homes today. They feature a ¼-inch groove between each tab, and are laid out flat in even rows. This lacks that textured, layered look that architectural shingles are known for.

The lifespan of each type varies as well. Regular asphalt shingles last about 20 years, while architectural shingles can last between 30 or 40 years with good care. You will spend more initially on architectural shingles (about 25% more), but the longer lifespan (up to 50% longer) makes them an excellent investment and will actually save you money over time. Plus, you get very strong warranties that further protect that investment.

Perhaps the best part about architectural shingles is the greater variety you have access to in terms of colors, styles and even patterns. Architectural shingles also give you more protection against the elements, resisting wind and harsh weather better than traditional shingles. Why? They are made with a heavier granule covering.

Standard 3-tab asphalt shingles, on the other hand, are comprised of a single layer of material placed on a cloth or fiberglass mat. Translation: they are more susceptible to damage and deterioration over time from wind and hail.

But when you take a look at the strength of architectural shingles, you see that they are made of many layers of refined asphalt and granules, all bonded together to result in a much sturdier composition. They can withstand up to 120 mph winds, in fact. Compare that with their 3-tab cousins, which can only withstand between 60 and 80 mph winds.

Bonus: many home insurance companies will give you a discount on your insurance premiums if you go with architectural shingles.

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