Can You Install a Metal Roof in Winter?

Metal Roof Installation In Winter

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In a word: yes! The busiest time of the year for massachusetts metal roofing contractors is typically the fall. This is because many homeowners are looking to get major repair work or a roof replacement before the winter hits.

If you’re looking to install a metal roof this winter, you may be worried that your Massachusetts metal roofing contractor won’t be able to accommodate you due to the extreme cold temperatures and possibility for snow and ice.

But the New England cold weather doesn’t deter most roofers, especially roofers who work in Massachusetts! Plus, if contractors didn’t install metal roofs in winter, they would miss out on several months’ worth of income. Truth is, while it can be uncomfortable for roofers to work in the cold, it’s really no different than installing a metal roof in summer.

The only big difference in terms of prep work in winter is the need to shovel or brush off snow.

Metal and Winter: A Great Combination

In fact, winter roof installation is even better for the homeowner because you get to pick from a more diverse schedule to fit your needs. Just try getting the dates you want in spring or fall! You may even get a better rate from your Hanson roofer because they are eager to attract clients and fill slots.

So, in short, opting for winter roof installation gives you greater flexibility, a wider range of available contractors, better choice of time slots, quicker installation and lower pricing.

If you’re looking to install another kind of roofing material, such as asphalt shingles, you may run into resistance. It’s not as easy to install asphalt shingles because they can crack, bend or break in the extreme cold. Also, they may not adhere as well in those conditions. While it’s certainly possible to install asphalt roofing in winter, it comes with a higher risk.

Contractors have to take extra care in order to prevent cracking and bending the fragile and brittle shingles, as well as to prevent moisture infiltration. These two conditions can add more cost to your project due to the likely need for replacement materials.

Sheet metal panels, on the other hand, fare much better in cold, as they aren’t prone to breaking, cracking or bending. And because metal roofing can easily shed water and ice, this minimizes ice and snow accumulation during the installation job. On top of all that, metal roofing doesn’t require extra time to cure and seal, which asphalt shingles require. Asphalt can’t seal properly unless the temperature is above 50 degrees, and this doesn’t happen all that often in the dead of winter in Boston.

If not allowed to properly seal, leaking, rotting, and the need for replacement can result – even with skilled installation.

In conclusion, there’s really no need to wait until spring if you’re planning on installing a metal roof. In fact, going ahead with this type of important investment in winter is a smart financial move!

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