The Best of Both Worlds: Combination Metal and Shingle Roofs

Metal & Shingle Combination Roofs 2021

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Who says you have to make a choice on one material to cover your whole roof? These days, the trend is moving towards combination metal and shingle roofs. For example, the main house may feature asphalt shingle roofing while the porch may sport a metal roof. The result is a beautiful combination sparked by visual interest and unique aesthetics.

There are so many variations and combinations to choose from. Work with your trusted South Shore roofer to achieve the perfect look for your property. Mixed material roofing is the latest trend in home architecture today! Here’s why.

Benefits of Shingle/Metal Combo Roofs

There are many advantages of mixing roofing materials for your home.

  • Costs less: Metal roof is a more expensive material for roofs than asphalt shingle is. If you’ve been putting off outfitting your roof in metal because of the high cost, now you can get the best of both worlds by saving money on a split.
  • Beauty: By combining different textures, tones and materials, you can achieve a layered look with more visual interest and depth than if you were to just install one uniform material.
  • Timing: If certain areas of your home were constructed at different times but don’t all necessarily need new roofing, you can mix and match in a more affordable way so as to avoid having to replace the entire roof in one material.
  • Accent stand-alone features: Placing a different material on stand-alone features like carports, pergolas, gazebos and covered pool areas can distinguish these elements from the main property.

Tips to Combine Roof Systems

Not just anyone can coordinate the combination of roof systems for a home. If done by an amateur, the end result can look like a patchwork quilt. You really need an experienced roofer skilled in the installation of both materials who also has an eye for design. Here are some tips on combining roof systems.

  • Go with an analogous color palette for better visual continuity of the roofline.
  • Choose the supportive, less dominant color in the shingle roof to inspire your color selection of the metal portion.
  • Use a pop of color to break up the visual pattern. This can be a contrast color, or a shade variance of the existing color.
  • Make sure the combination roof complements the functionality and operational needs of your home or commercial building.
  • Get inspiration from the surrounding natural environment when it comes to colors and designs.

With the trend in combo roofs getting more and more popular here in New England, you can’t go wrong blending the beauty of metal and the affordability of shingles to form one super roof!

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