The Different Types of Metal Roofs

There are many types of metal roofs and they’re not all created equal

The Different Types of Metal Roofs Hingham massachusetts 16 Aug

Have you ever wondered about the different residential metal roofing types, styles, and colors available in Massachusetts? Well, wonder no more! Today we will discuss the different types of metal roofs, as there are many and they’re not all created equal. As always, team up with a metal roofing contractor in Hanson, MA for the best results.

Aluminum Roof

Aluminum does not rust, unlike steel, so it’s great for homes and businesses along the coast. Because aluminum resists rust so well, it has a very long lifespan.

Most aluminum roof systems are pre-painted, and much of it is comes from recycled material in the form of post-consumer material (think: soda cans). Aluminum’s recycled content is between 90 and 95 percent. One square of aluminum roofing uses up to about 1,150 aluminum beverage cans. In terms of overall value and longevity, aluminum is one of the best types of metal to choose.

Galvanized Steel Roof

Because carbon/iron steel alloys are vulnerable to rust with exposure to the elements, steels used in metal roofing are typically coated with another metal or alloy through a hot-dip process. Steels of all kinds are classified by the metal that has been applied. Galvanized steel is comprised of base carbon/iron steel with a zinc coating.

Galvanized steel is used in the roofing industry more often than other metals because it costs less, is strong, and can hold paint well. Due to the fact that zinc offers galvanic protection, scratches end up being self-protected which prevent the steel from rusting. Galvanized steel’s lifespan will depend on the thickness of the metallic coating.

If you live along the coast, galvanized steel is not a wise choice due to the corrosive elements of the air, such as salt spray.

Copper Roof

Copper is considered one of the more attractive metal roofing options out there. However, you will pay dearly for that privilege. Copper is actually the most expensive of the top popular roofing metals (steel and aluminum are the others). Due to this high cost, it’s rare to see the entire roof of a home coated in copper. Usually, it’s used for accents over windows, dormers, and other areas. It’s also used on historic buildings, cupolas, and church steeples.

It may also be used as a flashing material as a complement to other roofing materials, but you should not combine it with aluminum or steel roofing. When copper comes in direct

contact with a different metal, it will deteriorate at a high rate through a galvanic process. Water runoff then stains other metals, concrete, and brick as it’s channeled off the roof. To combat this, you could use lead-coated copper instead of pure copper.

Most people like copper for its blue-green, verdigris patina that forms after years of exposure. How long this takes will depend on location. Salt spray at the beach, for example, will dramatically speed up this process. If you don’t want to wait years, you can purchase copper roofing pre-patinated for a weathered look.

Even though copper is relatively soft, it has a long lifespan of 100 years, so it’s certainly got longevity on its side.

Quality Metal Roofing in Massachusetts

While there are many other types of metal used in roofing systems, these are the most common. To find out which metal is the best choice for your home, contact our roofers in Marshfield at 781-536-4589 for a free quote and consultation.

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