7 Tips for Metal Roofing Maintenance

Best Tips for Caring & Maintaining Your Metal Roof

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Just as with any other type of roofing system, metal roofs need the proper maintenance and TLC to ensure they have a long lifespan. Check out these helpful tips on metal roofing maintenance.

Let’s take a look at the top 4 questions.

1. Trim Trees Back

Trees that are allowed to overhang on your roof will scrape against it and cause scratches and noise. All that constant rubbing, over time, will damage the finish of your roof. And if the wind is strong enough during a storm, those limbs can break off and fall against the metal material, causing dents.

Fasteners and other elements can often suffer damage, and fixing them is cost prohibitive.

2. Regularly Clear Debris

Every so often, check your roof for debris accumulation. Due to the way some roofs are configured, they can easily accumulate debris such as branches, twigs, leaves and dirt. All that debris will decompose over time, which can compromise your finish. Brush away debris with a long pole brush, or hire professionals to do it for you safely. Don’t just aim a pressure washer up there in the hopes the debris will clear away, as you could risk getting water under the roof and damage the panels or shingles.

3. Clean Out the Gutters

Keeping your gutters clear will limit the contact of leaves and dirt with the metal roof. Gutter debris that’s allowed to accumulate is wet and heavy. This can strain your gutter system, and the moisture can cause rust.

4 Be Mindful of Paint Overspray

Avoid damage that can arise from paint overspray. If you have scheduled painting for your home’s exteriors, such as walls and eaves, be sure to tell your painter about the presence of a metal roof so they can take extra care. Many painters use spray guns these days to paint homes, and inadvertent overspray, especially during windy conditions, can leave permanent stains on your metal roof.

You may want to choose a painter who uses paintbrushes or rollers in this case just to be safe. You don’t want to risk overspray, which can compromise the appearance of your roof and cause you to have to replace it before you need to.

5. Stick With One Type of Metal

You don’t want to let two different types of metal come into contact with each other, as corrosion could result. For instance, if you have aluminum roofing that connects to another type of roofing, both surfaces may fail and rust. Another example is copper roofing, which is not compatible with aluminum or steel roofing.

6. Fix Fasteners

If you see loose or dislodged screws, be sure to tighten or replace them. In the case of replacement, choose fasteners in the same material as the roof.

7. Inspect Sealants

Sealants won’t last as long as the actual metal roof, so there is a good chance you will have to reapply or touch up the sealant every so often. Check the sealants after every storm or buildup of ice and snow. If you see rust, this is an indication that the sealant has failed.

Take the time to do this regular maintenance on your metal roof in Hanson MA and you will be glad you did!

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