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Are you a commercial building owner? Does your building have a metal roof? You probably love the benefits that come with owning a metal roof, but you also know that, like any roofing material, metal needs to be well maintained in order for it to live out its entire useful lifespan. From clearing the roof of debris to addressing leaks right away, here are some common maintenance tips for commercial metal roofs roofs in Plymouth, Hanson, Hingham, Marshfield MA and the South Shore.

Let’s take a look at the top 4 questions.

1. Don’t Neglect Leaks

A leaking roof is dangerous, especially one as large and expansive as yours is. Anything from blocked drains to standing roof water can compromise your business’ attic or air duct systems. These problems can all lead to some pretty significant repair costs. This is why you should get a leak fixed as soon as you notice it. Ignoring it won’t make it go away.

Neglected leaks can cause electrical damage, equipment and product damage, or roof collapse in the worst situations. You’ll spend much less on a small leak than you will if the problem gets bigger and more unsafe.

2. Get Regular Inspections

Hire South Shore roofers you can trust to come out and inspect your commercial metal roof every year. This falls under regular preventative maintenance, and it allows roofers to spot signs of leaking, sagging and other forms of damage.

3. Avoid Walking on the Roof

Leave the roof-walking to the professionals. There should be no reason to walk on your roof on a regular basis. Every time you do this, you can cause lasting damage and reduce the life expectancy of the metal. Sometimes roofers recommend installing removable walk pads, which are stabilized walkways away from the main roof’s construction, allowing inspectors to walk on the roof without causing damage.

4. Hire Professional Roofers Only

Only hire certified, licensed and insured roofing repair companies to maintain your metal commercial roof. An experienced and reputable company will give you fair estimates and stand behind the work they do. They will also make recommendations on repairing any damage, taking into consideration the thermal requirements, vapor flow and ventilation needs of your company.

5. Keep Your Roof Clean

Keep debris off your commercial roof, which can accumulate even faster than residential roofs due to their flat nature. Inspect regularly for twigs, leaves, rocks and other loose materials that can result in clogs or standing water. This can encourage the growth of algae and other organic materials, which can increase the rate of roof deterioration.

If you recently experienced a strong storm, call your roofers to come check out the roof and make sure no damage has occurred. Clearing debris from the roof includes clearing snow accumulation in the winter time. Snow can be very heavy and will compromise the integrity of your roof if left to build up.

By engaging in regular commercial metal roof maintenance, you can ensure your roof will last as long as it was manufactured to.

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