Why it's a Good Idea to Pair Roofing and Siding at Once

Why It's a Good Idea to Pair Roofing and Siding at Once

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If you’re looking to replace both your siding and roofing at once, you may wonder if this is a good idea or if you should do them separately. The short answer is, it’s definitely doable to tackle both projects at once, and it actually comes with many benefits to pair them. Of course, you will want your Marshfield roofers to coordinate with your siding contractors to ensure the smoothest operation.

It makes financial sense to combine as many home improvement projects as you can at once because you can bundle your costs. It also makes practical sense to do a couple of things at once so you don’t have to hassle with scheduling two separate projects that bring lots of disruption to your family.

Top Reasons to Combine Your Roofing and Siding Projects

  • Convenience: Remodeling takes a lot of time, but it will no doubt take longer if you break it up. Save time by siding and roofing your house in one go so your family or business won’t be disrupted two separate times.
  • Aesthetics: Think about how beautiful and stunning your home will look after replacing two major exteriors! The curb appeal and wow factor alone will make it all worth it. It will be like having a brand new house. When you complete both projects at once, it’s easier to select complementary materials and styles that go well together.
  • Weatherproofing: Your roof and siding are two of the biggest features of your exterior. Getting both done at once will greatly improve the weatherproofing of your home so it can stand up to all kinds of weather while keeping you more comfortable.
  • Energy Savings: A comprehensive remodel of your exteriors will also help you drastically improve the energy efficiency of your house. A metal roof, for example, can reduce your energy waste by about 40 percent, while new insulated siding helps you to maintain your indoor temperature through all seasons.
  • Value: While you’ll pay more upfront initially for the siding/roof combination investment, you will likely get a better deal in the long run. Some contractors provide both services, giving you a break on cost. This improves the overall property value of your home no matter what. Even if you plan separate projects, your property value will go up. This is good news if you plan to sell your home in the next few years, as potential buyers view this as a big advantage.

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