Can Metal Roofs Affect Cell Phone and Wi-Fi Signals?

No, Metal Rooof Do Not Effect Your Signals

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We all love our ability to stream the latest Netflix series, update our status on Facebook, attend a remote meeting via Zoom or just chat on the phone to a friend. Wi-Fi and cell phone service are important no matter where you live, so it makes sense you wouldn’t want to compromise that service for anything – not even a new roof.

If you’re considering installing a metal roof, the thought may have crossed your mind: can the metal block my cell phone and wi-fi- signals? The short answer is, in most cases, no. Always ask your metal roofing contractor in Hanson and Marshfield for more information. Let’s explore this topic further.

Wi-Fi & Metal Roofs

Is your Internet service provided by a cable service or satellite dish? A metal roof won’t impact your Wi-Fi signal within the home. That’s because the signal gets captured outside the home and is then transmitted inside via a cable. This cable is connected to your modem and router.

If you have a weak signal, ask your cable or satellite provider to test the strength and quality of the signal and make adjustments as needed. The strength of your Wi-Fi signal will also depend on the quality of your router and modem.

Other factors include:

  • The quality of your connectors
  • Router settings
  • Size and configuration of your home
  • Where the router is placed in the home

But overall, a metal roof has no effect on your Internet signal when received by a cable company or a satellite dish.

Cell Phones & Metal Roofs

If you’ve ever tried to get on the Internet or make a phone call from the inside of a big box store like Target or Wal-Mart, or a multi-story commercial building, and weren’t able to connect, there could be other factors at play here. It probably has more to do with the fact that there is no nearby cell phone tower than with the structure of the store itself.

These large buildings have a lot of steel above the structure and around it for support, and you would think this would interfere with cell phone reception but it usually does not. A metal roof installed on your house involves just a fraction of the amount of steel used for commercial structures, so you will not have a problem getting a signal. That being said, if you usually have only one or two bars prior to metal roof installation, you no doubt have poor cell phone coverage overall. In this case, a metal roof may impact the strength of that already-poor signal. If you normally have strong cell phone signals, a metal roof will have zero impact.

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