5 FAQs About Metal Roofing

5 FAQs About Metal Roofing

5 FAQs About Metal Roofing-in-massachusetts 1 May

Here at Revered Metal Roofing, we get a lot of questions about metal roof That’s why we decided to compile many of them here so you can be enlightened about the benefits of metal roofing and know what to expect. Check out these five FAQs about metal roofing, and feel free to call us with any other questions or concerns!

Let’s take a look at the top 4 questions.

Q: Will metal roofing rust?

A: Aluminum roofing won’t rust, but steel roofing may. Aluminum is best in coastal areas where moisture could rust steel. In the case of steel roofs, rusting is common on the exposed edges and scratches that can result during fabrication or installation. Too-tight bends in the metal can also rust. The right protective coating will ensure this doesn’t happen. Use a steel alloy with high content of zinc to achieve corrosion resistance. High quality installation will also go a long way toward reducing the chance of rusting.

Q: Do metal roofs interfere with cell phone reception?

A: No. There should be little to no interference with your cell phone reception. In a few select instances, there have been situations where already-weak signals were further weakened by the presence of a metal roof. In this case, a signal booster can be used to combat poor reception. Just think about it: you likely use your phone in buildings with metal roofs – in stores, at work, in school – all the time without realizing it, and there is no loss in reception.

Q: Do metal roofs fade over time?

A: Some can, but usually after many years of wear and tear. The best metal roofs are coated with a coating called PVDF, which fights fading and chalking. Be sure to ask your roofer about the coating they use. The highest quality ones will ensure exceptional fade resistance so your roof stays beautiful and looking like new.

Q: Can you walk on a metal roof?

A: Yes, but this will depend on the pitch of the roof as well as the weather conditions – just as with any other type of roof. Roofs with steep pitches can pose a slipping hazard, and the same goes when it’s raining or snowing. Metal roofs with average pitches should be just fine to walk on when maintaining or cleaning your roof. However, there is always the risk of falling no matter what kind of roof you have. We recommend calling a professional whenever you feel the need to get up on the roof.

Q: Are metal roofs loud when raining?

A: This is a common misconception that keep many people from getting a metal roof. It’s simply not true. With today’s state of the art insulation, most of the rain noise you would normally hear will become dissipated before you could hear it inside the home. Most people are pleasantly surprised by the lack of rain noise from metal roofs!

Our team at Revered Roofing hopes these answers have been helpful as you consider installing metal roofing on the South Shore.

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