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Are you on the lookout for a roofing solution that really works? We have the quality, long-lasting roofing you crave - it's able to withstand the elements for decades to come, making this material a smart choice. Our team is more than qualified to install it for you as members of the MRA Metal Roofing Alliance, Rest assured, all our metal roofs are Energy Star Rated.

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There are many reasons. We are qualified and experienced. Second, we are a family-owned business dedicated to serving you in Hanson, with unparalleled workmanship.

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Throughout the entire process, we keep you updated on the progress of your project so you always know where you stand. Open and detailed communication is something we place a big emphasis on.

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Customer service is what we're dedicated to, with an ultimate goal of ensuring your 100% satisfaction. We work diligently to finish every project on time and on budget, with the least amount of disruption to your life as possible.

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Our team members are passionate about what they do and it shows. Why hire sub-par inexperienced workers for such an important job? Plus, we always back our work and roofing products with industry-leading warranties.

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When it comes to offering total solutions for metal roofing, our licensed and insured contractors at Revered Metal Roofing are happy to do it. We are skilled in offering home and business owners unmatched roofing solutions throughout Hanson MA.

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View our recent projects as part of our project gallery. We are proud of the work we do throughout Hanson and surrounding areas. You can even use these pictures to get ideas and inspiration for your own roof.Roofing Projects

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